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One purchase entitles you to use this software for all of your collections on any computer.

Written for Windows, Mac and Linux. 


Welcome to the NM Collector Software - VGOF Edition

Please keep in mind that you can download and use the full feature version of NM Collector Software for 30 days with no purchase.

After 30 days the software converts to the free version which has fewer features.  The following features are not available in the free version but none of your data is lost and the features will be restored if you chose to activate your copy:

Where to Start?

NM Collector Software is designed to be run directly off of a USB flash drive with no installation required on any computer!  To use it in this manner, simply download the USB option and extract the contents directly to your own USB flash drive. 

NOTE:  Recently I have confirmed two cases of USB flash drive failure.  I am happy to replace the flash drives but cannot replace your data.  Please backup your data frequently just in case.

For various reasons, some people prefer to run NM Collector Software from their computer's hard drive.  This can be achieved by copying the NM Collector Software files to their hard drive.  A suggested best practice is to run the program from your hard drive and copy the entire installation to a USB flash drive for backup.  This gives you the added benefit of being able to share your collection with others by running the program from any computer off of the USB flash drive!

However, not all files are required when running off of one operating system so separate Windows, Mac, and Linux downloads are offered for this reason.  Also, many Windows users want to run an installation program to use software from their computers.  For that reason the Windows download provides a windows installer.

So, where you start depends on how you intend to use NM Collector Software.  The following table provides instructions for each option.

Step by Step Process for each Option

Click the "Get ... Option" link to follow that option and see more detailed instructions.
USB (all Operating Systems)
 Windows Only
 Mac Only
 Linux Only
  1. (Download for USB)
  2. Extract Files (video)
  3. Run Program
  4. Enter Data (video)
  1. (Download for Windows)
  2. Extract and Run Installer (video)
  3. Run Program
  4. Enter Data (video)
  1. (Download for Mac)
  2. Extract Files
  3. Run Program
  4. Enter Data (video)
  1. (Download for Linux)
  2. Extract Files
  3. Run Program
  4. Enter Data (video)
Please contact me if you have any problems with installation.  I have successfully installed it on all Windows 32 and 64 bit systems as well as Mac and Linux so it should install on your system as well!  Thanks!

* Notes:

A special note regarding privacy

Purchase the activation delivered via email through PayPal for only $29.95

User Stories

Scrum is a popular methodolgy in modern software development. One aspect of Scrum is the concept of "User Stories" where application developers work closely with a single representative of members of the target audience (known as the "Product Owner") to define system requirements based on a description of the features from the system user's perspective. The format of a user story is as follows: "As a [type of user] I want [some feature] to provide [some benefit]." (if you are looking for feedback from real-life users, or want to leave your own feedback, please visit our guestbook)

Below, you will find some examples of user stories from a collector's perspective for features of NM Collector Software. Please feel free to suggest user stories of your own!

As a collector of _______________ (you fill in the blank), I want ...

NM Collector Software captures key information required by insurance companies for loss claims including identification information, purchase price, current value, appraised value, appraised by, appraisal date, and more including unlimited pictures.  Pictures can be loaded through the desktop application and the mobile app can be used to capture pictures which can then be uploaded into the desktop application.
You can track any information that you might want to review about any item including pictures so you do not have to actually handle the item to remind yourself exactly what it is and what characteristics it has.
Mobile versions of NM Collector Software are available that allow you to view pictures and key information on your mobile device whereever you go.  NM Collector Software itself is designed to be run on any computer from a USB flash drive so you can take it with you wherever you go and see your collection using any computer available to you with no installation required.
There are several security mechanisms available with NM Collector Software.  The first is to run it strictly from a USB Flash drive that you can control access to.  That way nobody gets to your data unless you allow them access to the USB flash drive.

One disadvantage of running strictly from a USB flash drive is that it can be slow for large collections.  In this case you will want to run NM Collector Software from your computer hard drive.  That will require another level of security which, in this case, is encryption with a password.  Of course, you can encrypt your data and password protect it on your USB flash drive as well.

Another key component when it comes to protecting your data is to back it up in case of loss from your primary source (be it a USB flash drive or your desktop hard drive).  One way to backup your data is to copy it to another USB flash drive or a hard drive.
A "Find" button is provided that can be used to locate any item in the main Treeview interface. 
A statistics screen allows you to sort your collection by any attribute that you capture.  Once you find an item you can double click it to go to the data entry screens.
NM Collector Software provides fields to track receipt and disposition data including date, amount, and person and / or business information for who the item was received from or disposed to.  The item can be loaded in order to find who it was recieved from or dispositioned to.  Also, the statistics window can be used to sort by receipt from or disposition to if you want to see all items recieved from or dispositioned to any individual.  For firearms, BATFE compliant reports can be generated.
A screen is provided to capture not only maintenance procedures for each item but also when they were last performed and when they will be required next by elapsed time or elapsed units of your choice.
Multiple events for each item can be captured including date, cost of the event, helpers, and results.
A free form data sheet page is provided allowing you to track all identifiable components of your items.  Many data sheet templates are available that can be copied and pasted into this page for you to enter the details for each item.
In addition to the predefined fields provided by default, there are many blank fields that can be defined as you want.  Almost all of the predefined fields in NM Collector Software can be renamed to track the informaton that you want to track.
Not only can individual fields of an existing collection type be redefined to meet your specific requirements, whole new collection types can be defined to meet your needs.  You can define your own collection types from scratch or by copying an existing collection type that is close to what you need.
Please see printable user manual
There are many, perhaps too many, on-line support resources available to research any topic including pictures, textual instructions, and even videos.  In addition, email support is available.
Suggestions are always encouraged and welcome!  This software has a long history of improvements based on feedback from the user community.  This tradition will continue as it is one of the best ways to ensure continued success in meeting customer requirements!

Purchase the activation delivered via email through PayPal for only $29.95


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